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8 Lipstick Colours that Unfold a Woman's Secrets

By :Jinali Shah 0 comments
8 Lipstick Colours that Unfold a Woman's Secrets

Lips are undoubtedly the most prominent feature and are one of the many things people notice about women. A recent survey also revealed that men tend to stare longer at women's lips when touched up with some colour than simply nude. This describes a lot about women wearing lip Colour hundreds and thousands of years back. Lipstick has always been a vital part of makeup. It is one of the most common things that is usually found in a woman's bag. Some women do not usually prefer to do makeup on a day-to-day basis but generally use lipstick as the primary glow-up tool. 

8 Lipstick Colours that Unfold a Woman's Secrets
The best part about lipsticks is that they come in so many colours and suit all kinds of skin tones making women look radiant and beautifully gorgeous. With millions of lip colours on the market, let us not forget the fact that women are practically sired to just one or only a couple of colour shades and can literally wear them 24x7 on any given occasion. Some prefer subtle nude colours, while some like bold, darker and brighter shades. Wondering why? Because each shade unveils interesting secrets of women who use them.
Curious to know if your lipstick unfolds your secret or not? Read along.


8 Lipstick Colours that Unfold a Woman's Secrets
A woman who prefers blood-red colours or ones with similar bases has a reputation of being a self-confident woman with a strong personality. This woman does not need validation; instead, she is her own queen-bee. She likes being the centre of attention and can handle the spotlight with ease. She does not care about people talking behind her back because she knows her worth. 


8 Lipstick Colours that Unfold a Woman's Secrets
A woman who prefers this shade is usually of a quiet and reserved demeanour. She is generally happy in her own little world and cares less about being in the limelight. However, when provoked, she can unleash hell. She cannot stand the wrongdoers or bullies and can show them their rightful place. 


Want to spot the most sophisticated woman with class among other ladies? Look out for that brown pout. This woman likes to wear mute shades with trendy and classy outfits that can level up her elegance. Despite being trendy and fashionable, she's independent and low-maintenance. 


The woman who prefers this shade has an inviting and optimistic personality. She loves partying with friends, and she always has a positive outlook in all kinds of situations. She can find good vibes in any condition and always faces her problems with a big smile on their face.


A woman who prefers nude lipsticks is introverted by nature, reserved, and shy. She has a caring and warm personality, and she handles relationships with utmost maturity. No matter what she does, she gives her 100%. Those nude lips define the most important thing about her - always take her seriously.

Shimmering lip colour

A little shine can do wonders for a woman. The woman who loves to wear that little shine on is the fun-loving type and down to earth. This kind of woman avoids overthinking things because she hates anything that affects her life negatively. She is her own boss, and she does whatever she wants. No one can stop or manipulate her.


A woman with plum coloured lips tends to stand out from the crowd and enjoys the spotlight. She is fond of being challenged and has a higher level of confidence with a good sense of humour and style.


8 Lipstick Colours that Unfold a Woman's Secrets

The woman who loves pink shade is usually bubbly and energetic. She is the fun-loving and outgoing kind who prefers to live life to the fullest and wants to make this world her own little happy bubble. 

The majority of the lipstick colours are usually made from the colour mentioned above's bases. So, go ahead and check your vanity. Are you more of a 'girl bawse', or are you one of those bubbly kinds of women who know your colour and wear it with grace because the colour defines who you are and all that you can do while still being graceful.

Meta description: What’s the best part about lipsticks? They define you and help you to stand amongst the crowd. Here we’ve discussed about 8 lipstick shades which will help you to look more gorgeous


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