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Five healthy ways to start your morning routine

By :Jinali Shah 0 comments
Five healthy ways to start your morning routine

Humans have existed for centuries, and over centuries their eating habits, living habits and body types have changed drastically. As we say that "Change is a Universal constant", we humans need to adapt again and again as the new time demands. At first, most people were employed in agricultural and labour activities, where the morning used to start before sunrise. Accordingly, people used to follow their morning routines religiously to make the best out of their day. And now, as the work style and lifestyle have changed drastically, the mornings start a bit later and the evenings and nights are longer too. 

But still, most of the population prefer having a great start to their day in the morning only. In this blog, you will get to know why morning routines are so important and five ways how can you kickstart your mornings for a very productive and healthy day.

Why are morning routines so important? You will have better control over your schedule, prioritizing your jobs for the day. You will be better equipped to cope with change and sudden challenges. You will be very productive throughout the day, giving you a sense of completion, self-efficacy and pride in your accomplishments.

Now we know how important are morning routines for people, let's discuss the five best ways to start your morning routine :

1. Sleep early and wake up early

: This is the most important. For the best output and high productivity, one should sleep timely and early, wake up early, and try to soak in the rising sun's rays in the morning. The beams give you a sense of freshness and calm your body and mind.


 Five healthy ways to start your morning routine


2. Stretch and exercise: Now you are up and fresh, but you need to work out to increase freshness and make your day energetic. Add any workout you are comfortable with. It could be yoga, running or jogging, weight training or any outdoor sport. Even a good 10-minute full-body stretch will create a lot of impact on your health. You will feel the power and energy within yourself. But do remember to eat something light but high in carbohydrate content, fruit or a pre-workout meal. Or else you will not be able to perform to your optimum level, and hence all the activities will be of no use.

 Five healthy ways to start your morning routine3. Post-workout meal: After your workout or physical activity, the body will require more energy, and you will get via high in nutrition breakfast. "The best options for breaking your fast are those based on whole foods, i.e., foods that are in their natural state and not processed, with protein and fibre to satisfy and give your body fuel for the day ahead" Kaidanian. Oats, fruit with yoghurt, or veggie egg muffins are some healthy options Kaidanian recommends.  

 Five healthy ways to start your morning routine

4. Plan your day: Planning your day has a significant role in your daily routine. You need to know the day's tasks and challenges lined up for the day. Unless you know what is to be done, you cant successfully spend your day productively. After noting down the tasks, plan a tentative plan of action for all of them just to helo you later in the day while doing the chores.

5. Drink adequate water: Lastly, drinking sufficient water is always important. No matter the weather or situation, drinking a good amount of water in the morning has immense value. It will keep you hydrated and make things easy for you physically or psychologically. 

 Five healthy ways to start your morning routine


    These are just some of the suggestions or ways in which you can have an amazingly productive day. There are many other healthy lifestyle tips and the best morning routine and activities. Zury for women has dieticians trained under gynecologists, who are at your service 24x7 over chat via the Zury app. They are well equipped to provide the Best morning routine tips for women and help you manage weight in the best possible way. Even if one has various medical complications like PCOS, PCOD, MENOPAUSE OR POSTPARTUM Depression, Zury has answers to all your weight-related problems. Zury believes the only way to an amazing life is a healthy life and nothing else.

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