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Four Question Evolving around on the Frequency of Exercise 

By :Jinali Shah 0 comments
Four Question Evolving around on the Frequency of Exercise 

When it comes to working out, there are two types of people - the ones who like to mix it all up and engage in a different routine every day and the others who get accustomed to a specific workout plan and practice it over and over again. These are the people who are usually stuck with the treadmill or the bike at the gym. 

However, in this scenario, the former would reap the benefits of the workout more than the latter. Why? Because, when you undergo any physical activity, your body considers it as stress and works on recovering from it. 

Four Question Evolving around on the Frequency of Exercise 

Repeating a certain set of workout training can make your body get used to it to such an extent that it will no longer feel any stress. Hence, in order to upgrade your fitness level, you have to challenge your body and indulge in things you're not used to doing generally. 

Should I exercise everyday?

Four Question Evolving around on the Frequency of Exercise 

Following the same exercise daily and working out every day are two different things. You can workout each day as long as you are giving your body enough time to recover. We all know that ‘rest’ days are important but having an active rest day will speed up your recovery and will improve the blood flow to your muscles and will also deliver more oxygen and other important nutrients that are important for your body. 

Can I do the same kind of exercise every day?

If by the same exercise you mean CrossFit, yoga, or weight lifting, then you can definitely do the same exercise every day. But if you are working on the same body part every day like chest or shoulders, then it can seriously harm your body. 

When you engage in strength training exercises, your muscles undergo micro-tears and in order for your body to recover from these tears and grow back stronger and bigger, your body needs to rest. 

Four Question Evolving around on the Frequency of Exercise 

Repeating the same kinds of exercise every day will not give adequate rest to your body which furthermore will not help the muscles to grow fully. Always remember that the recovery time for each workout is different. Cardiovascular exercises are easy to recover from and generally take less than 24 hours while strength training and HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training can take up to 72 hours for recovery and sometimes, even more, depending upon the intensity and load. The recovery time also depends on other factors like nutrition, stress level, quality of sleep, and age. 

Repeating the same exercise daily can also cause an overuse injury. Long-term under recovery can lead to overtraining syndrome which is when the body enters into a chronic breakdown.

What if I’m only working out 4-5 days a week?

Four Question Evolving around on the Frequency of Exercise 

Even if you are taking breaks amid your workout routine, it would still be best to add variety to your training including active rest days. For example, If you're a runner, strength training your legs will make your legs stronger while running is a Quadricep and Calf dominant exercise, which means the other areas of your legs remain undertrained, causing muscular imbalances which again in the long term can lead to injuries. Incorporating, Hamstring and Shin muscles into your workout is quite essential. At the same time, it is also important to train your glute muscles as they form the foundation of your core and it majorly helps in shock absorption and maintaining hip and knee alignment which again helps in avoiding injuries. 

Can I mix it all up?

Four Question Evolving around on the Frequency of Exercise 


An ideal workout plan should consist of Strength, Endurance, Cardiovascular, Flexibility, and Balance training. Adding all the components together will not only help you get better in your performance but will also ease up your daily life’s efficiency. A workout plan should consist of all kinds of different intensities of training along with rest or active rest days. This will push your body to perform better each time and give your body enough time to recover. Also, never forget to target different body parts as it will help in building overall strength and avoid overuse injuries too.


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