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How To BE Fit & Not Just Look It

By :Sriya Paladugu 0 comments
How To BE Fit & Not Just Look It

Ever heard of people over-exercising and cribbing about their body weight when a wedding approaches? A lot of people aren't happy with their physique. They are more concerned with how they look as opposed to how they feel. With Zury, we plan to break some myths regarding fitness.

Looking fit is not the same as being fit

Succumbing to the temptation of achieving a good physique with easy hacks leads to people taking desperate measures such as going on an extreme diet by cutting down on a food group, a nutrient, or a macro-nutrient. Such drastic changes to the diet can be hard to sustain and are detrimental to health. They can put the health of a person in jeopardy in the long run.

A fit lifestyle is a marathon, not a sprint

Every time you look for a quick fix, you should research it thoroughly and ask your doctor or a registered dietitian about it. Make sure you don't fall for fad diets. Learn to love your body the way it is now, and focus on getting better each day.

A marathon is defined as a concentrated, determined and consistent effort — it cannot be mastered in a week

People are often misled about the time frame it requires to achieve results. They usually expect too much too soon. Most articles and videos today promote quick fixes that are short-term and have no real, long-lasting benefits. Fad diets with big weight-loss claims may get you results in the short run, but mostly, such diets are unsustainable. Over time, you will feel overwhelmed and burned out, eventually setting you off your diet. The health and fitness industry spends billions every year on schemes exploiting people's insecurities and, unfortunately, our vulnerabilities make them all work.

Always think about the long run

If you want a body you’d adore, give it enough care and work your way through it. Build a solid lifestyle with realistic and achievable goals – it will keep you on your toes. By making small changes each day, you can build a long-lasting fitness lifestyle. 

Do not try to accomplish everything at once — consistency is what ultimately matters

Incorporate a consistent workout routine and a diet plan that you can stick to. 

They will help you in building a lifestyle that will last. An age-old saying from the story of the hare and the tortoise, “Slow and steady wins the race,” continues to be true even in this age. In the famous fable, the hare wins the race because he is consistent with his efforts. Similarly, you can start with simple changes to your diet and activities and observe how meticulously following them can improve your health and fitness.

Set mini-goals

Start with cutting down junk food, then slowly moving to sugary foods. This applies to exercise as well; you can start with walking for 10 minutes every day, make it a habit, and then increase the time you walk. This way, the progress would be slow, but you would be able to sustain it. When you start a fitness routine, focus on learning the technique and doing it correctly. Often, people neglect the form of the body to catch up with the pace of the exercise. Although this won't affect you right after you start, it can cause injuries over time. 

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