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How to live a healthy lifestyle during PCOS

By :Apoorva Rao 0 comments
How to live a healthy lifestyle during PCOS

How to live a healthy lifestyle during PCOS

A healthy lifestyle includes many things, from a proper nutritional diet to daily exercise, sound sleep, to being happy and thinking positively. Our lives are on the right track when we perform all the necessary aspects to living a healthy existence. Aiming for a healthy lifestyle is one way to avoid unnecessary diseases like PCOS. Following a proper diet plan advised by top dieticians trained under gynecologists also helps keep up with the health. 

It is important to live a healthy lifestyle to be happy and feel well now and in the future. It not only makes you live longer, but it also makes you feel better and makes you less vulnerable to illness and disease. A healthy way of life is something that we should all aim towards at the end of the day.  

Let us first understand what PCOS is

PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome, is characterized by irregular periods or a complete lack of menstruation. It is the most frequent hormonal disorder persistent among young women, and it can also cause fertility problems. 

The majority of women who get this condition are either overweight or obese. And for this reason, the probability of heart disease, diabetes, uterine cancer, etc., also arises. 

Importance of healthy food

To achieve your target weight, a nutritious diet is more helpful than exercising alone. Rather than following a specific diet, people with PCOS who wish to lose weight need to reduce their overall food intake (calories or energy). 

No single diet has proved to be more effective in weight control or weight loss for women with PCOS, such as a high-protein or low-fat diet. According to studies, a weight-loss plan improves the indications and symptoms of PCOS. 

Women with PCOS should limit their overall food intake to lose weight and make smart food choices and eat a nutritionally balanced diet. Find a method that works best for you to implement a plan that you can stick to in the long run. 

Are you looking for help that suits you?

To seek the best guidance for a healthy lifestyle during PCOS is what a woman wants. Improving the quality of what you eat and working toward healthier food selections and proper portion amounts are the keys to effective diet improvements. 

Small dietary modifications maintained over time can have various health benefits and obtain or maintain a healthy weight. 

When to eat and what to eat?

Women with PCOS should eat regularly to keep their insulin levels in check. They should eat every three to four hours, which for most women includes three meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) with a snack in between. Many women find it difficult to trust their hunger cues, so a good place to start is to eat frequently but in smaller quantities.

Also, if you think little guidance during PCOS can help you in your journey towards a healthy lifestyle, get in touch with Zury for further reference. It is a diet and weight management app for women having top dieticians, all trained. 

Furthermore, the Meals and snacks should generally contain a balance of protein, high-fiber, and low-GI carbohydrates, as well as lots of vegetables and fruit.

The meal and snack tips below will brief you a little more about it. 

  • Eat a variety of foods daily.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, at least 2.5 cups of cooked vegetables. 
  • In each meal, include some protein and a reasonable amount of carbohydrates. 
  • To make your meals and snacks more nutritious, eat unrefined carbohydrates like wholegrain cereals, legumes, and fruit in place of refined carbohydrates like white bread, white rice, soft drinks, lollies, and biscuits. 
  • Limit saturated fats and instead use extra virgin olive oil, avocado, nuts, and seeds, good sources of healthy fats. 
  • Try to consume more fresh foods and reduce the consumption of processed packaged goods. 
  • Consider how much you eat and drink and the foods and beverages you choose.

Which physical activity to do?

Even though there is no obvious change in weight or body fat measurement, regular exercise appears to be the most beneficial in decreasing insulin resistance. Improving insulin resistance is critical because it is the root of many-body fat measurement problems. 

Regular physical activities help in the following-

  • It helps in reducing androgens
  • It helps in improving insulin resistance.
  • Improve fertility and enhances energy levels 
  • improve self-esteem, and reduce anxiety and sadness by regulating menstrual cycles

Even though there is no weight reduction, the points mentioned above help reduce the depression level for a woman with PCOS. 

Healthy lifestyle tips from dieticians

Making a few lifestyle changes from the tips given by dieticians will ease your PCOS journey. 

Tip 1- Stay active

One of the most beneficial things you can do to maintain control of your PCOS is to be physically active every day. Studies have found exercise to help women with PCOS reduce insulin resistance. Consult your gynecologist first, but after you've received permission, establish a strategy and get started. 

Include both cardiovascular and strength-training routines in your workout. Shorter, more intense exercises may be better for controlling PCOS than moderate exercise, according to some research. 

Any exercise, however, is beneficial. If you're just getting started with training, aim for 30 minutes of moderate activity five days a week. Brisk walking, jogging, cycling, and dancing are moderate activities. Don't forget to do at least 2–3 strength-training routines. 

Tip 2- Embrace support in living with PCOS

Always Keep in mind that you are not alone. PCOS affects at least 7 million women throughout the world. There's a strong chance you know someone who suffers from PCOS. 

Don't feel self-conscious about the symptoms you're having. You are not "abnormal" or "strange." You are encouraged to express your troubles because many other women share your feelings. These women might benefit from the assistance of someone who knows what they're going through. 


Yes, coping with PCOS can be a very personal and uncomfortable experience. You are not, however, alone. Be kind to yourself. There are a variety of online resources available such as Zury. They have 24*7 solutions for women facing PCOS. 

With top-trained dieticians, they provide valuable service to their patients. They guide women during their menopause stage; from diet consultancy to weight management solutions, they got everything. Getting in touch with Zury is easy and worthwhile. 


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How to live a healthy lifestyle during PCOS

How to live a healthy lifestyle during PCOS

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