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Is it your first trimester? Here are the five best yoga asana for you

By :Jinali Shah 0 comments
Is it your first trimester? Here are the five best yoga asana for you

Pregnancy is a different feeling for every woman. From the minute a woman gets the news of her pregnancy, she is filled with the wave of emotions in her. A full-term pregnancy is about nine months long, and most people (including your doctors and midwives) divide it into three' trimesters.' A woman is pregnant from conception. Some women glow with great health during the first three months, while others are miserable. 

Trimesters are a useful way to think about pregnancy because the changes that occur to you and your child fall into three categories: early, middle, and late pregnancy, referred to as the first, second, and third trimesters. 

A woman needs someone she can completely depend on during pregnancy days for her health and her child's. Starting from the first trimester till the end, proper guidance regarding- 

  • What to eat? 
  • What to avoid? 
  • Which exercise to do? 
  • Which yoga asanas are good for both baby and mother? 

Zury is the best solution to all these problems. It is not just any random app; it is a diet and weight management app for women who face/are facing weight gain issues. Connect with them. They provide 24*7 services to their registered patients. 

Every trimester of pregnancy brings about varied Experiences—both wonderful and less than glamorous—just as each woman's journey to Motherhood is extraordinary. Our bodies go through remarkable changes as we nourish and grow the Little Ones within us, from a beautiful complexion to backaches and swelling. Prenatal yoga is a fantastic way to stay active, connect with Baby, and prepare for labour while you steer the ups and downs of becoming a Mumma, whether you've done yoga before. 

Let me brief you on the basic yoga asana a pregnant woman should follow to keep the health of her baby healthy. 

Cat/Cow Pose 

Cat/Cow is a popular warm-up position that increases spinal mobility while gently strengthening the core. Do the following: starting with a neutral spine, palms beneath shoulders, and knees beneath hips. Curl your spine into Cat's posture on your exhale, dragging Baby in and up as you lower your eye to your stomach. Before taking your next energising inhalation, make sure your lungs are open. Return to a long neutral spine as you breathe. Continue the same for another 5 to 10 breaths. 

Suggestion: Many women feel lower back pain because of their growing bump, which causes them to sway their spine throughout the day. Make a conscious effort to maintain a strong neutral spine position rather than exaggerating the arch of your "cow" pose. 

Easy Pose 

What better way to start your prenatal yoga practice than with a connection to your growing baby? After all, this is a practice for both of you! Find a comfy seat to start. Grow tall through the spine by bringing one hand to your heart and the other to Baby. Allow each inhales to fill your belly, allowing plenty of room for your Little One. Draw Baby in and up into a warm belly hug with each exhale. It's the ideal moment to think about your pregnancy's specific wish or desire. Continue for another 5 to 10 breaths. A pregnant woman can consider this pose a blessing and the easier and best yoga asana pose during her pregnancy

Suggestion: Sitting on a bolster or block will help you focus on Baby by keeping your hips comfortable and relaxed.

Downward Dog 

Downward Dog yoga asana is considered to be an inversion by many yogis. While you shouldn't do headstands during your first trimester, the benefits of elevating your heart above your head with this traditional position, like enhanced oxygen and blood flow to the brain, can't be overlooked. Start in a tabletop position, with your fingers spread out and your palms evenly planted on your mat. Twist your toes down and engage your shoulders by breathing. Exhale to straighten your legs and expand your knees. Inhale to lengthen your spine, and exhale to bring your heels closer to the ground. Hold the position for 5-10 breaths. 

Suggestion: Be aware of sickness, too common among first-trimester mothers. If inverting your body makes you feel sick, sit in Staff Pose and stretch both legs in front of you while lengthening your body toward the ceiling. Your arms are at your sides. 

Bound Angle Pose 

The butterfly stretch improves circulation, stimulates the digestive system, and relaxes the body. It helps prepare your body for delivery by increasing flexibility in your low back, hips, and inner thighs. Allow your pelvis to lean forward by sitting on the edge of a cushion, block, or folded blanket. Your feet' soles should be pressed together. To deepen the stretch, bring your feet closer to your hips. As you stretch your spine, anchor your lower body to the floor. Place your hands on your ankles or shins, or interlace your fingers beneath your pinky toes. This position can be held for up to a minute. Repeat the same process for 2-4times more. 

Suggestion- Place cushions or blocks beneath your thighs or knees for further support. Put a tall stack of pillows in front of you. Keep your head high and lie back in a supported reclining position. 

Child's pose 

Stretch your shoulders, chest, and low back in this soothing pose. It makes your spine, hips, and thighs more flexible. Begin with crawling on all fours. Knees should be stretched wide, and big toes should be touched together. Return your hips to your heels by lowering them. Stretch your arms out in front of you. Take a deep breath. This stance can be held for up to a minute.

Suggestion: Place a cushion or folded blanket beneath your brow for added support. If your knees hurt or need more room for your stomach, widen your toes.


Finish with your favourite resting postures to make this a complete practice. And, like with any other yoga session, pay attention to your body's shifting requirements. We hope that these yoga poses help you feel free and strong throughout the journey! 


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