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Looking at the PCOS Journey Beyond Working Out and Mindful Eating

By :Jinali Shah 0 comments
Looking at the PCOS Journey Beyond Working Out and Mindful Eating

Looking at the PCOS Journey Beyond Working Out and Mindful Eating

Managing body weight is a challenge that women with PCOS often find themselves braving through. Studies suggest that around 80% of women with PCOS struggle with obesity at some point in their lives. As women of the current era, we’re constantly pressuring ourselves to be better. To have a better body, to have a better career and to have a better life in general. And  while it is that ambition that takes us forward, however, inside the pressure cooker of our minds, we often find our feeling of self-worth evaporating in the process.

Managing body weight is a constant struggle for women with PCOS and while working out is an essential part to managing the condition, what we often forget is that fitness isn’t just about the body but also the mind. Yes, you can hit the gym a regular basis but while you do that you need to remember that confidence comes from within and you are in charge of making sure that you feel good about your own body. To get you on the train of self-love, we’ve prepared a shortlist of simple things that you can be mindful about in the process.

Practice positive self-talk

Loving yourself is the first step towards leading a happier life. No matter the number that may pop up on the weighing scale, remember that you and your body deserve love. Even though we might be kind towards other people, we often forget to show our body that kindness. Identify when you’re engaging in negative self-talk and replace those statements. You can start small, perhaps you can stand in front of the mirror and speak words of love like “I love my body” or “I am beautiful as I am”. Remember that your body works hard all the time for you, so giving it credit is only natural.

Listen to your body

Your body is responsible for letting you go on with your life and all it requires from you in return is to listen to it. When you’re working out or even going through different chores, be conscious of your body and it’s boundaries. In the middle of the two extremes called laziness and over-exhaustion is where you’ll find your center. Know when to push yourself but also know when to take a break.

Be aware of the digital world

Social media, like anything else on the planet, has both positive and negative aspects to it. While some channels and pages inculcate body positivity, it cannot be denied that there still exists a pattern of body shaming. You must become aware of these marketing strategies so that you not only remind yourself that it is, after all, a ‘strategy’ but you can also stop following people and pages that feed your insecurity. You do not need to cut yourself out of social media completely, instead, you can regulate the content that you follow.

Pamper yourself

We understand that struggling with your weight can affect your morale, but you can become your biggest cheerleader by showing yourself not only emotional love but by pampering yourself with worldly experiences. On your relaxed days find time to perhaps go for a massage. Develop a nighttime skincare routine, your skin is the largest organ of your body after all. Your weight does not define you, by pampering your body from time to time you not only will feel more relaxed but you will also find yourself working towards feeling good about your self-image.

Communicate clearly

We often find ourselves exchanging words with the people around us but we might forget to communicate clearly. Especially when you’re struggling with your self-image and confidence, you might find yourself alienating yourself. We understand that it might not be very easy to open up but being honest about your feelings with the people in your life will not only open the path to mutual understanding but it will also help you become aware of your feelings. You are not alone in these struggles and your support group can remind you of this on your bad days.

Loving yourself and your body is an ongoing process but what matters is that you’re trying. Each step that you take towards mindful living takes you closer to leading a more fulfilling life. Working out and conscious eating is a great start to managing your weight but in your journey, you must also use the tool that is always at your disposal, your mind. Your mind is the most powerful part of you. Why not utilize it to spread positivity both within and around?


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