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The best strategy for women to manage their weight 

By :Jinali Shah 0 comments
The best strategy for women to manage their weight 

Being healthy does not just mean being physically fit; it also requires being intellectually and emotionally well. Healthy living should be a part of your daily routine. Chronic diseases and long-term illnesses can be avoided by leading a healthy lifestyle. Self-esteem and self-image are aided by feeling good about yourself and taking care of your health. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by following your body's instructions.

This blog covers all the strategies a woman should follow to manage her weight. But before knowing the process, let us first understand- 

  • What process to follow for managing weight? 
  • Why is it important to manage weight?
  • How to manage weight? Best strategies for it. 

What process to follow for managing weight? 

For managing weight, below mentioned points need to be adhered to. 

Maintain a regular exercise routine:

You don't have to push yourself to go to the gym and do tough workouts, but you should be as active as possible. You can keep moving by doing simple floor exercises, swimming, or walking. You can also keep moving by doing some household chores. Follow your body's instructions. 

What matters is that you continue to exercise. At least three to five times a week, devote twenty to thirty minutes to exercise. Establish a routine and make sure you get adequate physical activity each day. 

Stay positive: 

You must surround yourself with positive energy to maintain a healthy mental and emotional condition. Yes, not every issue can be avoided. However, approaching such challenges with a positive attitude can assist. Surround yourself with supportive friends and those who will occasionally present you with constructive criticism to help you develop. 

Make it a practice to always see the positive side of things. Even if you're in the worst possible scenario, there's always a silver lining—something wonderful and positive. Instead, think about these things. 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not difficult, and it does not necessitate a great deal of effort. Just keep doing what you're doing and using the strategies mentioned above to be healthy—you'll be fine. 

Follow a proper diet 

Having your plate filled with five food groups- vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy and proteins at each meal looks like a healthy diet. 

Eating healthy means avoiding foods high in added sugars, saturated and trans fats, and sodium (salt). Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy protein sources, and dairy are all part of a balanced diet, as is not eating or drinking too many calories for your body type. 

For a woman, it is important to keep track of her body and health. Some connect with a proper gynaecologist for advice, while others fail to do this. Finding a good gynaecologist who will guide you on your health is important. Connecting with Zury is the easiest thing. It is the best diet and weight management app specially designed for women. Having top-trained dieticians trained by gynaecologists will reduce the risk of looking for someone to guide you on a healthy lifestyle. 


Why is it important for a woman to manage weight? 

Weight loss and maintenance are important for overall health and help prevent and manage various infections and diseases. You are more likely to develop major health problems if overweight or obese, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, breathing problems, and malignancies. It is so important to maintain a healthy weight: it lowers your risk of developing these illnesses, makes you feel better about yourself, and provides you more energy to enjoy life. 

Following reasons why weight management is important for a woman

It helps you understand what to eat and what to avoid 

Choosing the right foods can be difficult, especially with so many fad diets that urge you to cut out healthful foods to lose weight. 

When you get help from specialists who know what it takes to design and stick to a long-term nutrition plan, you'll be surprised to learn that eating healthily isn't as difficult as you think. 

It helps in protecting from weight-related diseases 

The importance of weight management can be attributed to a variety of factors. Some are mental, while others are emotional, and the majority are physical. An unhealthy weight will have a detrimental impact on every element of your life.

Being overweight hurts your confidence, emotions, self-esteem, mental health, and physical health. Weight loss improves the quality of your life and all aspects of your being, not just your appearance. 

It helps in working of the immune system 

Body fat is sometimes compared to an ATM: a place where we can deposit or withdraw energy. It isn't the case. 

Fat, on the other hand, is a functioning endocrine organ. It does this through secreting hormones and cytokines (cell signalling molecules). Hormones and cytokines have an impact on the entire body. Chemically, they "speak" to one another. 

Balance, like everything else, is crucial. Our hormones and cell signals work properly when we consume a healthy quantity of fat. Things go wrong when we have too much. 

How to manage weight? Best strategies for it 

The first step in losing weight is to begin. But it isn't simple. It isn't easy to lose weight. There are so many different diets to select from, and it seems like nothing works no matter what you try. But don't be concerned! Many others wish to lose weight as well. Others find it difficult as well. 

Changing your lifestyle and making permanent changes to your food and entire lifestyle is the most difficult element of losing weight. There is no such thing as a magic bullet when losing weight. However, if you make a few minor adjustments, you'll find that the pounds begin to fall off. 

A woman may, however, consider following the below-mentioned weight management strategy

Don't diet 

Dieting will just make it more difficult to lose weight. When you're on a diet, you're forced to cut out everything that tastes good while simultaneously limiting the amount of food you eat. However, you're simply increasing your calorie deficit, making weight loss much more difficult. Although dieting is not an option for women, having a planned diet strategy helps women balance their diet plans. 

Reduce your weight in a healthy manner. The most efficient way to lose weight is to do it slowly. You may consume all of your favourite foods without forcing yourself to lose weight. 

Eat protein 

It may seem counterintuitive, but consuming extra protein aids in weight loss. Your body stores water instead of fat when you don't store fat. Increase your protein intake to encourage your body to use water instead of fat for energy. 

To help you grow lean muscle and burn fat, eat poultry and fish, as well as eggs, nuts, beans, and fruits. Protein can help you lose weight by giving you more energy and keeping you satisfied for longer. It's critical to remember to keep portion sizes small to avoid overeating. 


A woman is the backbone of society, from being a mother to a responsible daughter. From playing the role of a sister to sister in law, she has to fulfil every responsibility with utmost love and happiness. All this is possible if she stays fit and healthy. Furthermore, if you feel you need help, connect with Zury


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