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Walk, Run or Saunter. Just Begin!

By :Apoorva Rao 0 comments
Walk, Run or Saunter. Just Begin!

Not having a plan

People often have a goal, but they do not know how to achieve it. Planning constitutes an important part of achieving a goal. Relying on the internet and picking a random routine to follow will not give you desired solutions and will procure minimal benefits. A workout plan that helps you in focussing on short- and long-term goals will give you a clearer picture of exactly how you are treating your body as opposed to the way it should be.


 Too much too soon 

People set high expectations when they start working out. These expectations often bring discouragement because of their overwhelming demands. If you keep comparing yourself with your long-term physique goal and expect it to happen in no time, then it will demotivate you. So, it is advised to set short-term goals and realistic long-term goals. This would help you stay on your toes and yet keep you motivated with quick and celebratory wins. 

Neglecting warm-up and post-workout stretching 

A good round of warm-up increases your muscles' blood flow; it also elevates your heart rate and reduces stiffness in your muscles. At the same time, warm-ups psychologically help in preparing you for the activity. Warm-ups help in reducing the chances of injury and assist in improving performance. Missing warm-up and directly getting into the exercise can keep you sore for long hours after the exercise. At the same time, it can also cause injuries because of muscle stiffness. Stretching realigns your muscle fibers, reduces stiffness and helps in speeding up recovery. Avoiding a supervised set of cool down can leave your body stiff and sore. 


Avoiding rest days

When people start seeing positive results, they get tempted to perform even better. This sudden urge leads to long hours of training and no rest days. Avoiding rest days is one of the biggest causes of injury. Some injuries have a longer healing period, which will halt your progress. Your body needs rest to repair and recover. The best way to train your body is to work out for 4–6 days and keep an active rest day where you do low-intensity exercises like walking, stretching or even foam rolling. This will reduce the lactic acid build-up and help in speeding your recovery.


Neglecting the right form 

A beginner is highly likely to make mistakes, but it is important to correct these mistakes. If you keep squatting with the wrong form, eventually, it can cause more harm than good. A lot of people only focus on how much weight they can lift or how many repetitions they can do while neglecting the form. This can cause muscular imbalances and cause injuries. 

Not hydrating enough 

Dehydration can often cause muscle fatigue and exhaustion. It can also hamper your coordination. While working outdoors, it is possible that you might even get a heat stroke. It is important to keep sipping water between your workouts so that you are continuously hydrated and make the best out of your workout session.



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