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What are the 3 Stages of an Effective Fitness training Plan?

By :Jinali Shah 0 comments
What are the 3 Stages of an Effective Fitness training Plan?

Are you one of those who find it extremely difficult to stick to a workout plan?

Despite having the best intentions, many of us struggle with sticking to a well-laid out plan of daily activity mainly because there are too many things to remember - different sets of exercises, tips, diets, all kinds of do’s and don'ts etc. All these minute little things keep us from following a daily workout routine, and we keep on procrastinating forever. But little did we know that we can simply break our exercise plan into 3 simple steps and we are good to go. 

Every time the year ends, there is at least one person from every group that rants on and on about the new year’s resolution of either diet and weight management or joining the gym. As easy as this sounds, it is quite difficult to live up to it. 

Health and fitness have always been a popular heading of new year resolutions yet the well-planned and much-awaited activity stops abruptly as months pass by. It is mainly happens because we do not give ourselves specific targets on the entire fitness plan rather we simply stick to vague terms like ‘losing weight’ or ‘getting fitter’.  

An ideal workout plan should consist of a proper approach i.e., a step-by-step workout plan along with a well-maintained diet.

In order to structure any particular workout, you need to have a goal first, as your exercises will largely depend on your goals. For example, if your main aim is to build muscle then you have to focus more on strength training and if you want to build stamina, you need to focus more on repetitions.

Once the goal is set, you can make a plan around it so that you can slowly and gradually reach your goal. There are various components of body training and it is quite important to follow the sequence to ensure that it gives you the best results. 

In order to achieve your goals in a seamless way, you need to bifurcate your workout plan into three simple steps: 


This is the most important first step of any workout plan. Warm-up is quite important as it gradually raises your body temperature and increases the blood flow into your muscles, gearing them up for any strenuous pieces of training that would follow. 

Warming up also reduces muscle soreness post heavy workout and helps sustain the activity for a longer period of time. Some of the common examples of warm-up exercises include leg swings, arm circles, trunk twists, and more.


The second phase is where you actually start the workout. Before diving into this, understand that you need to pick training exercises depending upon your fitness level to ensure that you undergo an optimum workout. Some of the commonly known exercises are squats, planks, lunges, etc.

For example, a woman with PCOS suffering from problems like weight gain and obesity would need strength training exercises that would involve resistance bands, weights, or body weight exercises to burn more calories and maintain a healthy weight.

Cool Down

Cooling down, also known as warming down, usually follows after the second stage of training where the body is transitioning slowly from the hyperactive stage to a resting or near-resting stage. Depending upon the intensity of the workout, cool-down can either involve a slow jog or walk to simple static stretches.

It is always advised not to skip this stage as avoiding cool down can lead to muscle stiffness and also slows down the body’s recovery period after a strenuous workout. If avoided for a longer period, it can also cause postural deformities and structural changes in the body causing pain. 

It is important to follow the above-mentioned stages of the workout in the same sequence. Following it in the wrong order can lead to negative effects like burnout or injury. It is also important to include a rest day or two into your weekly exercise routine to ensure that your body requires much-needed rest. 

Remember, results are best achieved when you know you are on the right track. Following random exercises and diet routines will not get you anywhere until you know that it is working. You need a proper plan that would help you to overcome your condition in a step-by-step process without having to over-exert yourself. For more exercises like these, download Zury, a one-stop-solution to tackle your symptoms with ease. 

Remember, in order to get the best results, work smarter not harder, and smart work calls for your ultimate companion - Zury. As they say, a friend in need is a friend indeed, Zury understands your daily struggles related to health and fitness and is here to guide you through with a wide array of curated content around daily workout and diet plans. The app also has a smart feature wherein you can check out your daily transformation which will again enable you to achieve your fitness goals in no time and that too without breaking any of your resolutions.


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What are the 3 Stages of an Effective Fitness training Plan?

What are the 3 Stages of an Effective Fitness training Plan?

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