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What are the 7 Major Differences between PCOD & PCOS?

By :Jinali Shah 0 comments
What are the 7 Major Differences between PCOD & PCOS?

Often women are confused about whether they have PCOD or PCOS. The names do sound similar, these are entirely different things. While both of these deal with women’s ovaries and hormonal disturbances, a majority of symptoms are quite similar as well.

The millennials and generation z are currently living in a very unreliable age where kids as young as 6-7 years of age have started showing adolescent changes and signs of puberty. The lifestyle that we follow has deeply affected our body and have caused severe hormonal imbalances. In some cases, women as young as 30 years of age have also started signs of menopause. Hence, unlike during yesteryears, today’s women are more prone to hormonal diseases and imbalances. 

When you look over the internet, you can usually witness various articles talking about the effects of PCOS and that one in every ten women suffer from it but you can hardly find anything remotely related to PCOD. Both being equally common among the women of childbearing age, need to be talked about with equal importance and seriousness.

What are the 7 Major Differences between PCOD & PCOS?

PCOD and PCOS are used interchangeably many a time by women but How do PCOS and PCOD are differ from each other?

PCOD or Polycystic Ovarian Disease is basically a hormonal condition where ovaries release both immature and partially mature eggs which ultimately turn into cysts. Some of the common symptoms include irregular period cycles, infertility, weight gain (abdominal), and male pattern hair loss. In this condition, the ovaries increase in their size and secrete increased amounts of androgens that can mess with a woman’s fertility and her overall body composition. 

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS on the other hand is a metabolic condition where ovaries produce an increased quantity of male hormones which affects the development and release of the eggs. Now, some of these eggs turn into cysts or little sacs filled with liquid which ultimately get built up inside the ovaries and sometimes cause them to get enlarged. 

How are they different?


PCOD is caused due to hormonal imbalances whilst PCOS is an endocrine disorder and excess of androgen production. However, hormonal imbalance is one of the common causes in both conditions where the excessive release of male hormones prevents ovaries from releasing eggs normally. 


PCOS can be observed in women of reproductive age and as young as in their teens while it is quite rare to detect PCOD at such an early age. With around one-third of women suffering from PCOD, it is quite a common occurrence as compared to PCOS which has a lower number of patients. 

What are the 7 Major Differences between PCOD & PCOS?


PCOS and PCOD have similar symptoms but with a few major differences.

  • Age - PCOS is usually detected at an early age, unlike PCOD which is usually detected at a later stage.
  • Period cycle - Women with PCOS might have episodes of no period cycles while women with PCOD can face irregular periods but no missed periods at all. 
  • Obesity - Weight gain is found to be severe in PCOD than in PCOS
  • Hair growth - Women with PCOS face abnormal hair growth on the face, stomach, chest, and inner thighs along with hair loss from the scalp while those with PCOD face abnormal male pattern hair loss.


A pelvic ultrasound is done to detect the size of the ovaries in both PCOD and PCOS. 

In PCOS, ovaries are found to be 1.5 to 3 times larger with 12 or more follicles of ovaries measuring 2 to 9 mm in diameter.

In PCOD, the ovaries may not appear as large but there are around 5 to 6 follicles per ovary which are comparatively smaller in size. 


Women diagnosed with PCOS struggle hard with conceiving and have higher cases of miscarriages because these women suffer periods of no menstrual cycles at all. However,  women with PCOD usually ovulate regularly hence, can conceive successfully with medical help.


There is no known cure for PCOS. However, certain lifestyle changes and treatments can be followed to reduce the symptoms of this condition that includes following a proper diet, daily exercise, and maintaining healthy body weight. However, it is possible to cure PCOD completely but that will not rule out the possibility that it can grow back. Following proper hormonal medication, pills, and lifestyle modifications can help women overcome PCOD completely.

Apart from these differences, PCOS and PCOD do have some similarities too when it comes to health risks like:

  • Diabetes - Both causes insulin resistance in the body which ultimately leads to diabetes.
  • Heart disease - Both increases blood pressure causing related heart problems.
  • Endometrial cancer - Delayed ovulation cycles cause the inner lining of the uterus to thicken causing increased chances of endometrial cancer in women. The chances are low in women with PCOD as compared to women with PCOS.
  • Depression & anxiety - Hormonal imbalances causes frequent episodes of mood swings, anxiety, depression, and behavioral changes in women. 

What are the 7 Major Differences between PCOD & PCOS?

Despite PCOS being a more serious condition than PCOD, it has been observed that adopting a better lifestyle, following a healthy diet, keeping the weight in check, and following regular exercise in both cases have shown impressive developments. However, it is far more important for women to start speaking about their bodily changes because if these conditions are not addressed at right time can cause serious complications in the body.

In order to address the lack of presence of an ideal guide or companion into a woman’s life who would show her the right direction, the Zury app was created. The app offers a comprehensive solution to women suffering from PCOS in terms of adopting the right diet plan, correct forms and sequence of exercises with video tutorials, daily transformation check to keep up with the progress, articles to answer all her questions, and period cycle tracker to check the improvement. 

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What are the 7 Major Differences between PCOD & PCOS?

What are the 7 Major Differences between PCOD & PCOS?

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What are the 7 Major Differences between PCOD & PCOS?

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