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Weight management for All Ages

Weight management for All Ages

We are a diverse group of highly passionate individuals from different backgrounds such as medicine, dietetics, information technology fitness and yoga who have come together with just a single aim which is to be

"Most trusted and credible diet partner to every Indian woman"


To provide every woman on the Zury program with the best possible service experience and help her achieve her dream body goals.


To transform the lives of a minimum of 1 Lakh women pan-India in the year 2022 by helping them lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle, because "Fit women build fit homes and fit nations"

How do we plan to do it?

Zury offers a weight loss program for women across different age groups we provide custom diet plans based on your needs and which phase of life or health conditions, whether it is general health & wellbeing, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, or menopause.

In short, we aspire to become the preferred weight-loss platform for women struggling with weight issues right from puberty till menopause. The affordably priced solution comes with a mobile application that provides you with 24x7 Diet support from expert dieticians who are trained under renowned gynecologists. What makes the Zury weight loss program different from the rest?

Though weight loss essentially functions on the principle of creating a “calorie deficit” it’s the approach towards weight loss that makes all the difference. Typically men have a more analytical approach towards weight, however, for women, it’s more emotional and has a deep-rooted effect on their confidence, self-worth, and social interactions.

It’s our approach towards weight loss that makes us different from the rest, here’s how:

  • Expert dieticians trained under gynecologists: All our women dieticians are trained under renowned gynecologists and are equipped with all the knowledge and resources required to deal with women in different phases of life right from puberty to menopause. The custom diet planning based on each consumer profile also takes into account different common disease conditions which may possibly complicate weight loss
  • Pragmatic Attitude: A pragmatic person deals with things in a practical way. We understand weight loss is not only a physical journey but an emotional one too. Our program strikes the perfect balance between being results-driven yet being empathetic towards your needs. In simple terms understanding your problems, needs, failure at previous attempts, and anticipating possible roadblocks during the journey, and only then suggesting a genuine solution is at the core of everything we do. Constant motivation and support from your dietician will help you achieve your weight loss goals.
  • Affordable pricing: A single consultation from a professional dietician may range anywhere from 500 to 5000 INR depending on the location and the profile of the dietician. , With Zury we aim to provide the same quality of care from expert dieticians 24x7 at the minimal cost of 2499 INR/ month

The monthly subscription offers access to:

  • Unlimited diet consultations with professional dieticians over video calls, audio calls or chat Options to connect with dieticians in your language of choice
  • Custom calorie recommendations along with calorie trackers
  • Macro & key micro-nutrient tracking along with access to the database to more than 25000 calorie-counted dishes made by chefs and reviewed by dieticians. Expert guided Fitness and Yoga sessions for period pain relief, pregnancy, post-baby weight loss or menopause or for medical conditions such as PCOS, thyroid disorders, or many more.
  • Curated Health content from experts such as gynecologists, dieticians, chefs, fitness, and yoga instructors according to your phase of life

At Zury we believe: "A healthy woman is the cornerstone of a healthy nation"

On a mission to make Indian women healthy and fit


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