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A women’s only platform that guides you through all your diet and weight management goals

With Zury, you get
Personalised as per your diet choices and lifestyle routines

Come to Zury and Experience a NEW YOU !

Dieticians trained under gynecologists

Is it even possible ? Yes, you read that right. Zury Dieticians are not just dieticians but they are trained under gynecologists, therefore they not only only understand you but your body too.

Unlimited consultations with your Dietician

Yes, unlike any other platform, we offer unlimited consultations to all our paid users. Because we know, ladies ko problem bol ke nahi aati..

Custom Calorie-counted Diet Plans with 6-meal options

A personalised diet plan with 6-meal options is made for you by your assigned dietician according to your diet choices and lifestyle preferences. A full-fledged Diet plan is shared with you which tells you not only what to eat, how to cook and when to eat. And not just this, you have various meal options to choose from, select whatever you want.

Access to 30,000 + healthy recipes with daily calorie tracker

Every food that you eat can be tracked with our detailed calorie tracker to keep a check on all your micro and macro nutrients. Also, if you are stuck in the kitchen, thinking what to make, you can select anything from our collection of more than 30,000 healthy and quick recipes.

Curated Fitness and Yoga videos

Be it PCOS, pregnancy, hyperthyroidism or any other health condition you are in, we have specific fitness and yoga videos for every health condition you are in, right at your fingertips.

Interact in your own language

We have made it super-easy for you to communicate with your dietician. While assigning a dietician, we make sure to assign you a native Dietician who can understand you better and the best part, you can chat with her in your own language.

Get 360° complete feedback about your body measurements

You might have measured only your weight and height till now, but with Zury Fit Body Scale, you can measure your muscle mass, Fat %, Bone %, Water % and even your BMI. Isn’t this great ?

  • I'm Janvi, a professional chef. After being diagnosed with PCOS, I not only experienced irregular periods, but also a couple of other things like hairfall, weight gain and unwanted facial hair. Zury not only helped me track what I eat, but the preset diets even helped me plan my meals better and regulated my calorie intake. It made a difference for me, it'll make a change for you too !

  • I'm Shailaja, a makeup-artist. I was so busy with my work, that I started gaining weight and couldn't take care of myself. Being a makeup artist, it was important for me to look good in all forms. I had never thought that I would gain so much weight. I didn't notice all of this until one day, my children told me about my weight gain which was so prominent. Apart from this, there were other problems too, like my thyroid and cholesterol levels had went up, joints pain and I had also started feeling weak and that's when my friend suggested her 'Zury'. After talking with my assigned dietician, she told me about what to eat and how much to eat, what exercises to be done and at what time. Slowly and steadily, I lost around 10 kgs in 3 months. Later, I went to a party, where my friends recognised my weightloss and reduced double chin. I was elated to know that others could see my overall transformation and I've started getting compliments too !

  • Losing weight in your 50's ? Yes, it's possible. I'm Kalpana Salot, an architect from city Bhavnagar. I had started experiencing symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, irritabilities, mood swings etc. and had gained around 100 kgs of weight in my late 50's. Along with this, my joint pain was really troubling me. Even climbling up the stairs or getting up from the sofa was becoming difficult for me. That's when I reached Zury and the dieticians explained it to me how metabolism slows down as age grows, which is directly affecting the weight too and utimately leading to all these issues. I also understood that, weightloss is possible with our regular ghar ka khana, and doesn't requires any special efforts. She made me make the right food choices according to my menopausal condition. Both diet plan and fitness videos available in the Zury app helped me and I gruadually started losing weight. I lost around 18-20 kgs in 6 months and I have become XL from XXXL in size. The best thing about Zury App is the constant Dietician's support and the custom made plans with 7 meal options to choose from. Looking back I'm so happy that I've decided to continue my health journey with Zury !

On a mission to make Indian women healthy and fit


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