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Zury Subscription provides access To:

  • Curated health content depending on your phase of life by doctors, fitness experts, dieticians and chefs
  • 24/7 dietician support by dieticians trained under expert gynecologist via video calls, audio call and chat
  • Daily calorie targets with micro and macronutrient trackers
  • Custom calorie counted diet plans with 6 meal options with all food preferences
  • Fitness and yoga videos according to your phase of life and condition
  • Access to more than 30,000 recipes curated by professional chefs


Sure. You can chat with one of our Senior Dietician who will understand your body type, lifestyle, cuisine preferences, weight gain history, medical conditions (if any) & can suggest the best suited plan for you.

Post payment your plan will be activated immediately but you can request for a plan pause anytime. So if you want your plan to start later you can always use this option post purchasing the plan.

For now, Zury assigns you a dietician according to your body type and phase of life for you to achieve your goals better

95% of users who follow the diet plan & get at least some exercise into their daily routines are able to reach their target weight goal. Our Dieticians will help & motivate you to follow the path prescribed by them. But it's also important to set expectations right & not create over-ambitious goals which are sure to backfire. Healthy weight loss

requires dedication, effort & a will to change your lifestyle. We do not prescribe any fad diets like GM diet, paleo diet or keto diet which may show short term results but ultimately fail

On a mission to make Indian women healthy and fit


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