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How to Get Free of Type 2 Diabetes Medications?

Our Expert's Webinar has the answer.

Dr. Kirit Kubavat


MBBS, M.D & Sr. Diabetologist I 25 Years of experience I Director, ASIA Pacific - Canada I Director - A.R.H Diabetes Center

Dt. Ayushi Shukla


7 Years of Experience as a Dietician | Life Member @ Indian Dietetics Association | UNICEF

Dr. Rahul Kackar


MBBS, MD, Diabetes reversal expert I 20 Years of experience I Certified from American college of lifestyle medicine, USA

Benefits of EZCURE’s Webinar

  • Ezcure’s Type 2 Diabetes Webinar is a comprehensive webinar program which covers all aspects of Type 2 diabetes successful reversal management
  • Live webinars include interactive audience polling, as well as question and answer sessions with Ezcure Diabetes expert. They are typically held 3 times a week at 6:00 PM India Time, unless otherwise noted.
  • Register as an individual (fill the webinar form). All participants earn Discount Coupon to buy Diabetes Care Plans and will have access to Ezcure’s interactive mobile app and expert team.

All About Type 2 Diabetes

Understand diabetes cause, treatment, and reversal management

Self Management

Be aware of detection and treatment of the different diabetes related chronic complications

Right Diet Habits

Understand the essential components of the reversal-management of diabetes

Your Reversal Journey

Know how to start, keep track, and complete a customized reversal treatment care plan.


10000+ Beneficiaries from Our Webinar


Members Joined Our Diabetes Reversal Care Plans


Patients free of medications

Join us to support our Global Mission

of a Type 2 Diabetes Free world

Results from Zury Type 2 diabetes reversal program.

Janardhan Bhide | 57 Yrs

Retired Policeman

Sakshi Mehta | 38 Yrs

Home Maker

Alok Ganguli | 43 Yrs

Business Owner

Jinal Makwana | 42 Yrs

IT Consultant

On a mission to make Indian women healthy and fit


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